7 Possible Situations To Expect If Coronavirus Doesn’t Leave Nigeria Soon


1. More deaths: Since hospitals are overwhelmed, there are tendencies to overlook other health conditions. There are even reports of cancelled appointments.

2. Unfulfilled plans: For those who fancy lavish weddings, they might be forced to get married without any party. While others may have to map out new plans. 

3. More virtual businesses: Many people will learn how to work remotely while digital businesses will thrive. Some jobs will go into extinction as knowledge of technology will become a priority. 

4. Petrol will be threatened: Nigeria’s foremost source of income will become endangered. Other sources of income would be considered in order to fund the budget. 

5. Segregated lifestyle: Life will not be usual as loved ones will learn to refrain from hugging one another in order to protect themselves. Survivors of coronavirus may also be stigmatized. 

6. Massive corruption: Before coronavirus, Nigeria had cases of corruption. Many government officials will see the situation as the best opportunity to milk funds.  

7. Rebel against the government: Nigerians may be forced to move out in large numbers with disregard for social distance and other health guidelines. It then becomes a battle between hunger and coronavirus.

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