10 World’s Biggest Bank Robberies In History

1.Central Bank of Iraq: This is one of the biggest bank robberies in history as it had one of the Iraqi dictator (saddam Hussein) on board. Just before the war started in Iraq in 2003, Hussein sent three large vehicles to the central bank and sent his son to withdraw close to $1 billion with a handwritten note, and the money was loaded in the vehicle and taken away.

2.Northern Bank Robbery: This took place some weeks before Christmas Belfast, Northern Ireland in 2004. The robbers disguised as police officers and went to two bank manager’s houses holding their families hostage, instructing the managers to let them into the bank the next day, in which they did and they walked away with about 26.5 million pounds. The case is yet to be solved to date.

3.British Bank of Middle East: This happened in 1976 during a civil war in Lebanon. The robbers used explosives to bring down the wall of a Catholic church and enter the neighboring British Bank of the Middle East. They were accompanied by a professional locksmith that will help to crack open the dome. They escaped with $44.5 million in cash, stocks, gold bars, jewels, and other valuables. No one was caught and the case was forgotten.

4. The Dunbar Armored robbery: This is the biggest robbery in the United States, it happened in 1997, six men robbing the Dunbar Armored trucking company that employed one of them. They stormed in assaulting the officers on duty and afterward went away with $18.9 million but they did not get away with it as one of them lent his friend some of the cash without removing the original strap that was used to pack the money.
5.United California bank heist: This took place in 1972, when Ohio professional criminal, Amil Dinsio gathered six robbers to accompany him to California on a mission. The gang broke into the vault and went away with $30 million worth of cash and valuables, but the police were quick to identify them as they gave a taxi driver a tip, and a fingerprint was found on the money.
6.The Banco Central burglary: This is recorded as the world’s greatest bank robbery, it happened in 2005. It involved 25 robbers, establishing a fake landscaping business and it took them three months to dig a 256-foot tunnel that led up through the bank’s vault floor. The robbers stole a lot of containers worth $71.6 million in 2005 and 20 million real was recovered after 8 people were arrested.

7.The Securitas depot robbery: This was in 2006 and it happened in a secure warehouse in Kent. The interior of the Securitas depot was filmed in preparation.
A masked man apprehended the branch manager and held his family to give an easy pass to the cash room and later escaped with $83 million. some of the robbers were arrested and the makeup artist who helped them in disguising became a key witness in the case.

8.The Brink’s-Mat burglary: This happened in 1983 and it is known to be an inside job. Brink’s-Mat security official gave robbers access to the company’s warehouse at London’s Heathrow Airport. While other securities on duty were tied up. They discovered diamonds and golds and they took off with $41 million in loot. The robbers we caught and nothing was recovered after.

9.The Knightsbridge Security Deposit robbery: This happened in 1987. He and an assistant went into a bank and asked to rent a safe deposit box. When the men were shown to the money room they took out their gun and threatened the bank manager and security guard. Then kept a “closed” sign on a bank door indicating no one can go in again, they let in some friends, The robbers recovered many millions from a lot of savings and at the long run they were arrested on their arrival in England.

10. The Dar Es Salaam Bank heist: Just a little information was released about this robbery which took place in 2007. A private financial institution in Baghdad, Iraq was robbed. so many bank guards were also involved in this heist and it was also said that the robbers had contact with the police officials as they were gained access to pass every police checkpoint. Nothing has been heard from them to date.

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