10 Hilarious Ways Nigerian Girls Try To Get Their Crush’s Attention

Here are 10 ways Nigerian Girls try to get their crush’s attention. Some of these ways end well but some of them end in total disaster.
1. The Lookers
This set of girls can stare at their crush all day. They can go to the back of a flower to see their crush. Some can go to the length of peeping through the window waiting for their crush to come out of his house. They don’t mind standing behind the window till they almost get caught.

  1. Calling Their Phone And Hanging Up Geng:

These set of babes would call their crush for about 20 times at a roll and hang up after they hear him say one word, hello. That word alone has made their day. They can go as far as assuming they are in a serious relationship with their crush.

  1. The Follow About Girls/ Stucker

Listen, just don’t tell these set of girls that their crush is somewhere, they would immediately wear their best clothes to visit that same spot hoping to get noticed by their crush. They can go the length of paying his bills, whereas  “sister” has not had a proper meal in days.
    4. Sliding Into Dm Geng
These sets of girls have different social media handles trying to send a dm to their crush. Funny enough they don t give up until, their Mr. Crush says hi back and boom, the girl is feeling all fly and goofy.

    5. The Anonymous Note Droppers:These ones are the very shy ones; they would leave a note. They could drop the note on their crush’s table, car or they can go extra by dropping at his front door

    6. The Spiritual Geng
These are the desperado when they have tried several ways to get their crush’s attention, now all they need is a candle, bible, his name, and his picture then; off to Shiloh

  1. The Fallers

when these set of babes see their crush coming towards their direction, they immediately think of one crazy thing to do like to throw their book on the ground, hit him, or even spill a drink on him like the movies. I might turn out bad or good but would get his attention

  1. I’m Not Your Friend Geng

These girls pretend like they don’t like their crush, they just walk past him with attitude, refuse to respond to his greetings, tell everyone around them they hate him but actually they can’t do a day without seeing him.

  1. The I Don’t Care, Geng

These girls are not playing with anyone, they like you, they target you and boom, they go for you. They are fierce chics.


  1. The Disoriented Ones

When they see their crush, they tend not to think straight. They fall stuff down, they look scattered and funny when their crush is approaching their direction and often develop an instant K leg when walking.

  1. The Fakers:

These are the craziest, they can put up a fake attitude immediately they see their crush. Some can go to the extent of having a British accent. Some can even pretend to be on a call or act like a distressed lady waiting for her prince charming to come to her rescue.

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