10 Fun Things You Should Try Before You Get Married

Hope you’re aware that once you get married, there are some things you can never do again. Especially in Africa, Nigeria to be specific, once you get married, you begin to hear that a married woman must not do this or that. So, before that happens, why not enjoy your life to the fullest by trying these crazy ideas. Yeah! Crazy but fun!
  1. Try many dick appointments: I know this sounds crazy, but it’s exciting. As a married woman, you have to stick to just one man but won’t that be boring? So, before you get to that stage, make you sure you explore as much as your capacity can allow.  
  1. Go clubbing every Friday: For most people, work takes a significant toll on them, and the best way to relax is by shaking your body on the dance floor. You should try this before marriage. You can’t be too sure if your husband will permit such when you get married.  

  1. Have sleepovers: Sometimes, you might just get tired of staying in your own house, seeing the same faces, doing your routine. To avoid such boredom, you can try sleeping over in a friend’s house – male or female. But the best is if you do it as a group. You will be surprised that you might not sleep until the next morning because there would be lots of gists.  

  1. Visit other countries: Try as much as possible to be adventurous by travelling to other countries outside your homeland. The fun part of this is that; you get to go as a single, you have higher chances of meeting a prince charming compared with when travelling with your husband. 

  1. Pamper yourself: Hope you know that once you get married, and children start coming in before you think about yourself, you must have spent about 50% on your kids. So, make sure you pamper yourself a lot. Go on vacations, try a boat cruise, eat different foods, raise your slay game.  

  1.  Have a one-night stand: Have you ever gone to a party then you get tipsy, and a fine man comes along, and you guys just blend all of a sudden? It’s sure exciting. And the good thing about this is that you might not see the man again till eternity. So, your secret is safe! 

  1. Date a white man/black man: The thought of this alone is intriguing. As an African lady, you shouldn’t be a local woman. Why not up to your game by dating a white man? If you’re a white woman, don’t restrict yourself, try a black man. 

  1. Learn a life skill: So many people can’t even swim to save their lives. So why not learn a life skill that could be useful later. You can learn how to swim, take a dance class, learn martial arts (kung-fu), take driving lessons etc. 

  1. Have a threesome: Why not let your curiosity get the best of you? You and your female friend may have been checking out the same guy. Instead of fighting over him, why not try a threesome?

  1. Flirt with an ex/crush: Every lady has that ex-boyfriend she wishes could come back to her. So why not dress up and attend a party you know he will be attending too? But make sure you look beautiful. 

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